What Freebies Did YOU get in the mail today???

In the past week:
Depression Journal
Chocolate Chex (Walmart)
Ministries Magnet
Birthday Card (Walmart)
Gold Bond Sample


  • By: irishrob

    A sample pack from Oprah of I think Dior products & A t-shirt & pen from microsoft. The pen has a light on it that projects on the wall, " I'm a bona fide Genius." The shirt has the same on it. The kids stole both of them.


  • By: mcpaladin

    ... the last few days ...

    JointWise Pain Relief Cream, WalMart Chocolate Chex

    Sheba cat food, Mighty Dog Food (thanks Admin)

    TeaChef Tea of the Month, Alagio Hair Care Products, Gold Bond Powder (thanks SiteAdmin)

    Meditation CD, ... and a stiff neck looking at the moon... (thanks tweety)


  • By: tweety101

    Ok, mcpaladin, I'm ROFLMAO!! Me and the Captain (Captain Morgan) Were looking at the moon last night too, You have to admit, it WAS pretty!! Don't forget to look again tonight!!!!!

    I got Sheba Cat food, 2 games for kids from some Eye Institute (?), My Diet Coke Rewards T-shirt, which was the wrong one, so they are going to let me keep it, AND give me my point back!! BONUS!!


  • By: enuffsaid

    ok so far I have received : fizz ease, tampons, pamper swaddlers, (walmart) M. Carey perfume sample, mommy to be wristband, Golf wedges from warrior golf paid 29.95 s/h and got the GW, LW, and SW clubs (great deal in my opinion, a cheap sandwedge is around 29.00 at walmart, and I got 3 clubs for the same price) and I got 70 free 4x6 prints from cvs pharmacy well thats about it so far....


  • By: enuffsaid

    Not sure where this post should actually go, but I thought you guys might like to know about it.

    If you got to {http://club.live.com/home.aspx} and register to play games, you will win tickets and are able to cash them in and get some cool products from microsoft I have already got 3 x box 360 games, t shirts, hats, mag subscription etc... anyway just wanted to pass it on to you all...have a good day


  • By: tweety101

    Nabisco Chewy Granola Bar "Nutter Butter", From Sam's Club

    Dunkin' Donuts Coffee Sample

    Coupon for Free Can Pedigree Butcher's Selects Food for Dogs

    Coupon for Sheba Premium Cuts for Cats

    $75 Check for 2 Week On-Line Group Survey (Bonus)!!!

    $25 Gift Certificate for Circuit City


  • By: tweety101

    Since last post:

    2007 Lottie Moon Christmas Offering "Tell Me! the story of Jesus" CD

    Eagle Brand Recipe pamphlet ($1 and .50 coupons)

    Maybelline Superstay Silky Foundation Sample

    Alagio Haircare Samples (and $2 coupon)

    Sunsilk Anti Flat Samples

    Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant/Anti-Perspirant

    2 Free Birthday Cards From Hallmark

    Birthday Card From Hallmark (Walmart)

    Kotex Panty Liners

    Shick Intuition Razor (Really Nice!)


  • By: minne_sota_girl

    Since finding this website I've gotten-

    1) Shampoo+Conditioner samples that I can't remember the kind;

    2) Feline Greenies (Which one of my cats loves and one won't eat),

    3) Curves Honey Crunch Cereal (Walmart, little too crunchy but great taste);

    4) Cinnamon Surge Nicorette (20 pieces),

    5) John Frieda Frizz-Ease Sample;

    6) Nursing Pins from Johnson and Johnson, plus coloring books for my little sister,

    7) Sesame Street Fire Safety Coloring Book for said sister;

    8) Color the Differences Coloring Book;

    9) Wild About Healthy Vision Activity Book,

    10) The Day Papa Came Home short story; and the

    11) Milk Matters Coloring Book. Probably more, but thats all I can think of so far.


  • By: marinica87

    Lacoste Touch of Pink postcard - fragrance sample


    • By: swanvalleygurl

      Lacoste Touch of Pink postcard - fragrance sample, 25 water bottles, A sports Magnet, Birthday card, Chocolate Chex, 2 Breakfast Bars, The Funhouse Book, Sunsilk hair sample, Aquafresh tooth paste, Honey Bunches of oats cereal times 4, Curves Cereal times 4 that's about it



  • By: tweety101

    Since last post, about 10 different fragrance samples :-), Pledge "Stainless Steel", "Multi Surface", & "Clean & Dust" Wipes plus $1.00 coupon, Aquafresh Toothpaste, Nivea Cellulite Patch, (like one's enough) LOL, Encouragement Card from melttheheart, Iams $8.00 Coupon, 6 CD's of Lori McKenna, Nasal Cease, Curves Cereal, another Sunsilk Shampoo Trio, 2 small Bags Harvest Chips, 2 Coupons Free 4-pk Atkins Advantage, 2 Free Games Downloaded from Big Fish Games, 20 Pieces Cinnamon Surge Nicorette Gum, a couple of snack bars - don't remember what kind, Cottonelle Flushable Moist Wipes....I'm sure there's more, but that's about I can remember.


  • By: christsgirl

    Nothing today but I have received something in the mail, the Olay Eye Derma-Pod which did work making the area around my eyes look younger. Looking forward to my items arriving soon.


  • By: catalogbra

    I received Tide Detergent, Downy Fabric Softener, Honey Bunches of Oats, Curves Honey Oat cereal and an organic chocolate bar that was absolutely to die for!


  • By: kittiereed

    I had a microsoft pre-Christmas party yesterday. I received from the following:

    4 Thermal Coffee Mugs (2 Blue, 2 Pink)

    2 Decks of Cards (Green)

    2 Tote Bags (1 Green, 1 Blue)

    1 Wireless Gaming Headset (BF is a geek... )

    1 Pair of Sport Earbuds (Strap-ons! ...for your mp3 player! Silly you!)

    5 Journals & Pens

    On the way... Subscriptions to Marie Claire & Cosmopolitan Magazines.

    No idea what I wanted half these things for. But they're free, you just have to play games. (Helps if you're home recovering from surgery on meds. You'll play games for days ;-)


    • By: AmandaB

      I got Blue Spa Cat food... and FINALLY carnation instant breakfast.... i signed up for that in like February and just got it this week!


  • By: flyharris

    Well, talk about fast..

    On thursday or friday I requested a few random samples.

    On Saturday, I got two in the mail..

    DISCOVER ISLAM: the most comprehensive web book about Islam - on CD

    THE MOMENT ANTHOLOGY, VOLUME 2: The best of Jewish Children's Music - on CD

    Yes, they really came in a day.


  • By: tweety101

    Since last post, 2 $4.50 Coupons for LiveActive Kraft Cheese, Spanx Footless Pantyhose, dr. brandt's skincare deluxe sample bag (real nice samples and bag), 3 cans Red Man Chewing Tobacco, 4-pack Dry-Erase Markers, 1 Gallon PPG Paint ($20 Value), Schick Quattro Titanium Razor, Kashi go-lean bar, .16 Fl Oz Bottle Beautiful Love by Estee Lauder, Butane Lighter, Senseo Barista Blends Gourmet Mix For Coffee, Folgers Coffee Sample, Airborne Power Pixies, Nivea Smooth Indulgence Hand Cream, St. Ives Whipped Silk Advanced Body Moisturizer, Lipton Iced Tea & Green Tea To Go Samples, plus shampoo & toothpaste samples.


  • By: babypip

    within the past week....

    -pregnancy alert wristband,free subscription to American baby,Greenies for the dogs and sids door hanger.And a dvd on cars.

    But I think thats about it.


  • By: tweety101

    Free Snausages Coupon, Carson Lens Pen, Acrylic Stamp, Pause Magazine Subscription, Health Magazine Subscription, Purex Sample, Free Candy at Kmart, Greenies Dog Biscuit, Hamburger Helper Singles.


  • By: amaloo

    Yesturday UPS came while i was @ work, but i got the We don't serve Teens posters magnets and stuff and i gave them to stores around town!!! the mail hadn't came b4 i left for work so dunno what i will get today!


  • By: babypip

    I just got this week... a week supply of infamil formula and baby magnet and a 2 day supply of similac infant formula and babytalk magazine and um a newborns diaper from sams club oh yeah and the last chance movie.


  • By: adod75

    I have gotten 2 things of baby formula, 2 samples of shampoo/conditioner, tide, bounce, dunkin donuts coffee and sweetner. that was my take for Dec so far.


  • By: mellen

    Got a Very Wang "postage stamp" of a sample. I am brand new to this site and thought I was gonna get a "vile" of perfume. So when I saw that teeny weeny sample, I laughed at it for 15 minutes or so.Which are the best "categories"??

    Or is that a different forum?


    • By: comfortablykimmi

      I got 3 samples of Jergens body lotion and some makeup from maybellene. Unfortunately the make up sample came opened and to small to apply anywhere except maybe the tip of my finger.


      • By: swanvalleygurl

        I have gotten Kashi Go lean bars, Fabreze air effects, Emergen-C, Levitra Pen, Car wax, Chex mix turtle chex, south beach cherry clusters, south beach on the go strawberry banana powder, Intemently Beckham, Head and Shoulders, Taco Seasoning, Free full size bag of flat earth chip crisps and thats about it all in all I would say that it's about 20-30 dollars in free stuff amazing!

        Kashi Go-Lean Bars (5) 2.50
        Fabreze Ai Affects (1) 7.95
        Emergen-C (10) 2.00
        Levitra Pen (1) 0.30
        Car Wax (1) 1.25
        Chex Mix (1) 0.75
        South Beach Clusters (5) 2.50
        South Beach Drink Mix (5) 1.00
        Int. beckham (1) 0.25
        Head & Shoulders (5) 1.00
        Taco Seasonings (5) 5.00
        Flat Earth Chip Crisps (1) 3.00

        Total 29.00 Roughly


  • By: willows23

    Chex turtle mix (yummy - small snack bag size plus coupon)

    Nina perfume (smells good)

    Beech Nut bowl and spoon plus coupon on their cereal

    Procter & Gamble coupon book

    Received dog lovers toppings awhile ago


  • By: pinkymalone

    I like to post about the freebies I've received in the post where they were offered, but I can't find the one for Ban deoderant from Walmart. I got that today. I love the walmart samples!