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Do you know what a tea leaf looks like? Although tea is the most imbibed beverage in the world (after good ole aqua purea, of course), most have never experienced the flavor of a true cup of full-leaf tea, brewed from simple, natural, whole leaves.

It is Republic of Tea's purpose to open the road to this rich experience. The Republic of Tea sells full-leaf tea because it's simply better tasting and much more diverse in its range of subtle flavors than the cut leaves or tea dust you will find in most tea bags. And brewing fresh whole leaves is as easy as boiling water.

Visit them to request a free catalog. Inside, you'll find 2 free tea samples. Plus, get 3 additional samples when you call them at 1.800.298.4832!

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  • By: uniquelywired

    I requested a catalog a few months ago and received it a month later. It contained the catalog and a free Earl Grey tea bag. I received a new catalog today and, to my surprise, it contained another tea bag (Honey Ginseng). I already knew of and regularly purchase Republic of Tea teas and I was happy to receive another free bag. This is a must for all tea lovers! :D