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Nestled in Los Angeles is a small home studio lovingly built by musician, artist and photographer J.D. King over the past several years. On the wall is a large taxidermied buffalo head, which looms over King's collection of vintage microphones and recording equipment, as well as a multitude of instruments, including a bansuri flute, a concertina and a Jew's harp. Outside the studio sits the flamingo-pink main house and a kidney-shaped pool surrounded by giant cacti that stud the property, while fragrant jasmine snakes along the garden walls.

It was in this quintessentially Southern California idyll that King and singer-songwriter Pete Yorn recorded their self-titled debut album as The Olms. And the laid-back, eclectic surroundings inform everything about the record, especially its free-wheeling sound, which melds folk, rock, country-rock, and Brit pop, thanks to jangly acoustic guitar, wistful melodies, radiant harmonies, and unexpected instrumental flourishes. Songs like the strummy "Wanna Feel It" and "Someone's Else's Girl" glow with a lush '60s vibe, while the honky-tonk-ish "On The Line" shows the duo's harder-rocking side with hints of psychedelic organ. "The album has an old-sounding feel, but I feel like it still sounds really fresh," Yorn says. "It sounds uniquely like us and a hybrid of our influences, from my love of Brit-pop and groups like The Beach Boys and The Kinks, to J.D.'s love for British Invasion bands like The Animals, as well as bluegrass and country music."

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