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If you are like many Americans looking to save money on even the most basic necessities for your family, you're frustrated. Due to rising gas prices, the cost of groceries, toiletries and food continue to increase. The crew at Coupon Xplorer has made it their mission to help you save with free, printable coupons for the top grocery brands that you already buy.

Taking a chunk out of your grocery bill can be time-consuming, but as one of your family's biggest expenses, it's often worth the extra work. One of the top cost-saving tricks used by frugal shoppers is stockpiling. When non-perishable items go on sale, buying in bulk assures that you won't need to pay full price again. If items are perishable, items like milk can be frozen if you have the freezer space. Also, consider that the supermarket isn't always the best place to get top deals. Superstores like Walmart, Target, and Kmart offer great prices on snack foods, breakfast cereals, and cleaning supplies. Pharmacies tend to have great deals on milk, and are the best source for personal care products.

The Coupon Xplorer toolbar makes printable coupons available with just the click of a button. With tons of printable coupons in one place, getting your favorite brands at a fraction of the cost is easier than ever.

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