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Before the days of the worldwide web, people relied upon expensive private investigators to ascertain if a spouse was cheating, find out where a long-lost relative was hiding, or to check up on a potential business partner. Now, the internet hosts many service providers and software services that can perform all of these tasks quickly and for a lot less money.

With eVerify online criminal background checks, you get answers to your questions on a person's background from the best industry and governmental information directories in existence. Comprehensive and complete search results make their service the best in the industry for finding out whether someone you know is telling the truth. Their results are garnered from updated information resources of governmental and private search listings, and are specialized in our four informative search options: people, background, criminal records, and social media.

You need only a first name, last name, and state of possible residence to find old friends, research a criminal record, investigate your or someone else's social network presence, or even just satisfy a curiosity. Concerned parents can find out if their son/daughter's coach or teacher is really on the up and up, while single parents can screen potential dates through arrest records and the sex offender database. You can even use eVerify to investigate online buyers and sellers to avoid getting involved in a poor or fraudulent transaction.

Designed for responsible use, you can find anyone, anywhere, for any reason with just a name and location. Get free use of eVerify for 7 days with a free trial through the link below.

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