$125 in Free School Supplies for Your Classroom


Now you can bring TeacherLists.com to your entire school and help parents and teachers work together to provide the necessary and nice-to-have supplies your kids need to learn and succeed.

TeacherLists.com is a new, free service that helps teachers create and share their school supply and wish lists with parent in minutes. Parents can find all their kids' lists anytime, anywhere, even on their smartphones - simplifying this back-to-school chore, forevermore.

With back-to-school in full swing, they have a great opportunity to help you earn free supplies - including Westcott scissors - for your school and classroom.

This year, Westcott has partnered with TeacherLists.com to make it easier than ever for teachers to post their supply and wish lists and for parents to find, print or even access those supply lists on a smart phone.

Posting your list is simple - there's a wizard that walks you through the steps in under a minute or two. Add Westcott scissors and all your favorite brands with just the click of a button. When you're done, email your list to parents, post a link, print your list, or even share on Facebook or Twitter.

Parents can easily find the lists too, with just a simple zip code look-up.

Best yet, every school that posts 20 lists receives a "Super Supply Stash" from TeacherLists.com that includes over $125 worth of supplies, including Westcott Scissors.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • United States


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