Stop Spending and Save


The Stop Spending and Save financial blog is about getting out of debt and their journey to being debt free. Being in debt is no fun. Debt can weigh on you day and night. They'll share with you their journey to becoming debt free starting at the beginning. They will also share with you financial resources, such as books and websites that have inspired them to become debt free. Get free financial tools that can assist you in becoming debt free.

Don't be afraid to start your journey to becoming debt free today. You can start by using the free credit card debt calculator at the top of their home page. And, don't forget that your mortgage is also a debt and you have the ability to become completely debt free by paying off your mortgage earlier than you anticipated. Keep all of your debts in check by using the free financial software at and you'll pay off your debt in no time. Life is too short to continue living in debt.

Need some help saving, paying off debt, and being inspired in 2012? Keep yourself on track with free printable 2012 calendars, planners, and an absolutely free wall calendar from Joyce Meyer Ministries.

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