Kids Birthday Meal at Old Spaghetti Factory


From the start, the test of The Old Spaghetti Factory's viability has been its consistent application over time. The menu, decor and service philosophy have stayed much the same. Most of the core management team has been with the Company since its earliest days, adding to The Old Spaghetti Factory's continuity and consistency. Active recruitment on college campuses, followed by an intensive training program, assures a steady supply of talented new managers, eager to work their way up the ranks.

But no concept lasts this long if it isn't also dynamic. In 1980, the first of many overseas units was franchised in Japan, and new countries are under study. New menu items have been carefully added over the years, and food preparation is always being studied for ways to improve the speed of service without compromising quality. New locations are being developed in suburban markets with a distinctive building design that reflects the Company's downtown warehouse restaurants.

Join Wally's Kids' Club and your child will receive a free meal on his or her birthday.

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