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Traveling with a family is expensive no matter how well you plan your vacation. When you plan your trip this year, consider saving money by traveling in the United States or Canada. You can discover nature, adventure, and unique experiences just hours away from home.

If you'd like to plan a family vacation in the United States or Canada, you can get free travel guides mailed to your home that are produced by the very states or provinces you'll be visiting. Doing research online about current rates and reviews is always recommended, but when it comes time to present your plan to your travelmates, a brochure is very helpful. Young and old, everyone loves to see pictures and get excited about the places they might visit.

For the biggest savings, stay on the ground and visit somewhere just a few hours away. Skip the hotel and pitch a tent at a family camp ground. Even places like Disney World provide this penny-pinching option, and the kids usually consider it an adventure to sleep in a tent. The biggest challenge is finding a vacation that keeps kids entertained, but is also interesting for parents. Consider camping activities like canoeing, kayaking & bicycling, ranch activities like horseback riding, and nature activities like exploring underground caves. Get an education with a trip to an historical re-enactment, or a guided tour of a unique site. specializes in getting you free vacation information so that you can plan your ideal vacation. Choose brochures from anywhere in Canada or the United States that you'd like to visit, and they'll be sent to your home free of charge.

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