Rescue Her ZOE Posters


As you are reading this, about 12 million people, half of them children, are trapped in modern day slavery all around the world. The horrible things that are happening everyday in this holocaust we call Human Trafficking are hard to imagine. Little children being sold for sex; some as young as 4 years old. Every 30 seconds another child is captured. 32 billion dollars every year is made off the bodies of young girls & women in sex trafficking...

Because the problem is so huge and so dark, it can make you feel paralyzed and unable to help. So we do nothing. And nothing changes.

But "the only thing that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke

We have to ACT! We have to speak out and say "It's NOT OK!"!

Email them for free Rescue Her ZOE posters and flyers and take action now.

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