Video Tool Beta Testing Opportunity


Video is changing the way people do business. From enhancing presentations to connecting people in far corners of the globe, video is bringing people together in ways never imagined. Centercode's client sees the power video has to offer and is trying to help the business world make more out of this important tool.

Integrating simplicity with powerful functionality, this new product will give you the performance you need without all the rules. Focused on the medium to large business community, their client envisions a tool that will help businesses do their job better and faster through the power of video technology.

They are looking for people who work in companies with more than two hundred people who need excellent communication tools. They need both novices and IT experts to test this product. Their client is focused on meeting the needs of the individuals as well as the infrastructure. Qualified candidates only need to be in an office and use some of the tools of unified communication including, chat, voice and even video. So, whether you work in the mail room or in the executive suite, they are interested in your thoughts.

Centercode values people who really are interested in testing. However, they do recognize that they want you to test at the office. As such, they are making the requirements on this very light. All they ask is if you feel you can take a little time out of your schedule to explore this new product, please feel free to apply.


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