Sylvan Book Adventure Summer Reading Program


Book Adventure is a free reading motivation program for children in grades K-8. Children create their own book lists from over 8,000 recommended titles, take multiple choice quizzes on the books they've read, and earn points and prizes for their literary successes. Book Adventure was created by and is maintained by Sylvan Learning.

Login to your account and select "My Booklists" where you can create new booklists. You can create one for Mysteries or Animals or titles by your favorite author or any combination you desire. Once a booklist is created, you can add more books, delete books or delete the booklist completely.

Kids can earn points for reading and redeem them for the following cool prizes:

2 Rex & Bailey Temporary Tattoos for 800 points
5 Rex & Bailey Temporary Tattoos for 1000 points
Balloon HQ: Learn How to Make Balloon Animals Guide for 75 points
Goldilocks and the Three Bears Playbook for 2000 points
Highlights for Children Free 3-Month Subscription (USA Only) for 2000 points
Nessie and the Living Stone eBook by Lois Wickstrom for 2000 points
Newton's Apple: What's the Secret CD for 2000 points
Peter Pan Playbook for 3500 points
The Reluctant Spy eBook by Lois Wickstrom for 2000 points

Check it out and get started today.


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