Be A Go2Girlz Product Tester


Want to be a Go2Girlz Product Tester and receive free products in exchange for your feedback? Become a member or click on the Edit profile button in the top, right corner of the site to join.

Who are the Go2Girlz? The Go2Girlz are the heart of's word of mouth marketing model; they are Canadian moms who are:

* Involved and influential in their communities
* Dialed-in and connected to other moms both online and in their home communities
* Well informed on the latest issues and trends
* Early adopters and trend-setters in their own right
* Truly the "go-to" girls among their peer groups

Why be a member of the Go2Girlz?

* Get a sneak peek at new products from your fave brands and hot new brands
* Try out cool products and tell the brands you use what you want - they bring the message to you
* Be heard by major and emerging brands
* Influence and inform other moms within the community
* Get dialed-in to the latest in trends, technology and tools for Canadian women

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • Canada


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