Firefighters for Christ CDs


Firefighters for Christ tape library is a ministry solely dependent upon the grace of the Lord for support and direction. Its purpose is to distribute God's word in the form of personal testimonies and Bible study teaching cassette tapes.

These CDs are available to request for free via the phone or address.

- Children's Ministry CD
- Ray Stedman Library
- Bilingual MP3 Bible
- Romans (David Hocking) & Jude (Chris McCarrick)
- John (Chuck Smith), Galatians (Skip Heitzig), & 2 Timothy (Alistair Begg)
- Russell Kelfer - Proverbs
- Russell Kelfer - Beattitudes: Living Legends
- Russell Kelfer - Let God be God & the Parables

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • United States


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