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You've no doubt discovered that introducing Maker's Mark to your friends is one of life's easier endeavors. Especially when they taste such a smooth, handcrafted bourbon for themselves. (Not exactly like selling air conditioning at the North Pole, is it?)

Still, Maker's feels that it's proper to make it clear exactly what's expected of a Maker's Mark Ambassador. After all, they shouldn't just go running around making stuff up about Maker's Mark when the truth is so much more tasteful. So here you go. Call it the official Ambassador mandate, missing duty. Just don't call it a job - because this is too easy to be considered work.

If you're sharing the Maker's Mark experience with others, they feel you should be rewarded. So they're personally offering you the opportunity to become an Ambassador. In return, you'll enjoy all the privileges that go along with carrying out such a noble and dignified deed.

You'll get your name in Maker's Mark history, plus:

- Your name on a Maker's Mark barrel.
- An opportunity to purchase a bottle of Maker's Mark from your batch.
- Updates on the aging of your bourbon.
- Advanced notice of rare, special-release bottles.
- Opportunity to purchase Ambassadors-only Maker's Mark merchandise.
- Many other items that confirm your honorable status.

Sign up to receive a free holiday gift this December from Maker's Mark. For several years they have sent out a free gift--including a holiday sweater for your bottle, holiday gift wrap, gag gift boxes and a holiday scarf for your bottle. You'll definitely want to be on their list for Christmas. Plus, you'll receive a free welcome kit just for signing up.

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