Pet Safety Window Decals from Protection One


It's a sobering fact. Thousands of pets die in home fires every year. At Protection One, they understand you want to protect these beloved family members from the dangers of fire. Order a free pet decal today, and please also consider the following pet-safety tips from Protection One:

* Implement a fire-safety plan that includes your pets, and be sure your plan accounts for pets confined to crates.
* Pets have been known to chew through electrical wires. Keep these wires out of reach if possible.
* Do not leave open flames unattended. Curious pets could knock over candles or disturb fireplaces.
* Put your pet's license and other ID tags on its collar in case you become separated. Consider a microchip ID for easy, fast identification.
* Consider installing a pet door so pets have a chance to escape if fire breaks out while you're not there.
* Ask Protection One about pet-door sensors that allow you to receive an e-mail or text message each time the door is used.
* Consider keeping your dog on the ground floor when you're not home so it's easier to rescue.
* Replace smoke detector batteries every year and test each unit monthly.
* Consider monitored smoke detectors, so our operators can notify the fire department quickly.
* Ask Protection One about Web-based pet cams you can access from anywhere to help verify your pets are safe.
* Give a key to a trusted neighbor and tell them where you keep your pets, so they can relay the information to firefighters.
* Put up free pet window decals to make rescuers aware there are pets inside.

Request your free Pet Safety Window Decals today to be one step closer to protecting your furry friend.

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