$3 Off Mead Five Star Products Print Coupon

Get your coupon to save you $3 on Mead Five Star products. Just in time for back to school. Print only.

*It excludes backpacks and planners.

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  • By: baditud

    I feel like I'm going in circles. I keep getting prompted to download the coupon printer, and do so then it restarts explorer and I try again and get the same message. Anyone else having problems with this one?

  • By: giggles12

    same thing happens to me. I've had the coupon printer installed 3 seperate times and still no luck. It works with my coupon toolbar for those coupons but not this one for some reason.

  • By: baditud

    I think I finally figured it out. Try using Mozilla Firfox instead of Explorer. It worked for me.

  • By: inthesticks

    Same thing happens to me pretty much, guys. I go through all the steps to download the coupon printer, only to not be able to print anything. Nothing happens. So I start all over again....not worth all the fuss.