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Tired of Participation Required Offers

I started coming to this site and this site only religiously for the simple fact that it wasn't filled with offers that claimed to be free and were really participation required offers. I have been so disappointed lately because it seems like at least half of each day's new freebie postings are not really free! I love love love this site and there are some really good people on here that know what I'm talking about and that I'm sure share my same feelings. I don't understand why we have to keep letting people post participation required offers. Why can't we prohibit them? I just want to go back to when "totally free" actually meant FREE.


  • By: shoppinggirl328

    i totally agree


    • By: lady_cj

      Yeah, me too!!! I'm about to cancel my membership here!

      Administrator & Kyla? KNOCK IT OFF WITH THE PARTICIPATION OFFERS!! We DON'T want them!!

      This is SUPPOSE to be a site for "TOTALLY FREE STUFF". NOT some "do this so you can get this sort of thing"!


      • By: cmackle

        I'm with you guys on this one. It is early afternoon here and there has been NO freebies on this site at all today! Just participation stuff. It is really annoying!! I tried one of the participation offers ONCE... said I would recieve my gift in 6 months, I checked back 3 weeks later to see the status of it and they said they had no record of my participation!!@$^&$$@*)!@.......that's all I can say about this. Maybe there should be a seperate category like under the mail call catergory for participation offers, so the people that really want to do them can just go there and participate to their hearts content!


        • By: rosewatson

          see my rant and rave and that is my opinion!


          • By: cielynne

            I have to agree with EVERYONE here. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the time everyone takes to find these offers for us, but there should be a special section just for the participation ones. I know that USUALLY the participation offers are really good, but I too have done one, signed up for Netflix or something and NEVER got what was promised to me. I won't go so far as to call out names but they know who they are and I'm sure they have good intentions, but this is supposed to be free stuff and I'm sure right now not a lot of people can afford the participation ones.


  • By: lucy28016

    that's why i came to this site too. free with no Participation Required !! and yes i am disappointed too, with all the Participation Required freebies.