Mail Call!

Hey, folks!! 2009 is the year for freebies, and lots of them! 2009 is also the year for helping and loving others. I think that we get sooo many freebies in our mailboxes, every single day, that some times we take advantage of them. Here is something that might help others and yourself. Every week, if you get quite a few samples and freebies, then give one of them away. For example, if you get a perfume sample that you don't really like, then give it to one of your pals who likes the fragrance. Or, if you don't really want to go with the weekly or monthly freebie-giveaway route, then, maybe once a year, donate one old outfit that you don't wear to GoodWill. You'll get freebies ( or a better excuse to order more. lol ) and you'll help others. Go ahead and try it, and be sure that you are making a difference!!!

ps. no, really. Whadaya waitin' for? Get out there and do this challange! How much easier can it be! really! o, and comment on what you think of this, as it will be encouraging others to do this challange, too. And if everyone helped out someone else, wouldn't this world be a better place? =)

  • By: galpal22

    Just to start this off, I took my own advice and ordered a juicy-juice sippy cup for a friend who often babysits. She really appreciated it, even though it didn't cost me anything.

  • By: Mingarbret

    I collect samples, mostly hygiene and baby products. I send them to Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Go to FoPRR makes a big difference with little donations like mine to the donations of books for the schools. I could get on my soapbox about this but I won't.

  • By: galpal22

    That's great! Little samples can make a big difference for those who need them, right?

  • By: rosewatson

    well my mailcall today is..finally got my right@home gift pack that includes a sample from each line of ziploc bags and one storage these and a book full of coupons that will go into the feb coupon train I love you posting this galpal..i do this quite a bit (doing freebies for others thing), i clip coupons, and take freebies that i dont use or want and give to the teachers at the local elementary school that I substitute teach at..i do this at least once a week and the ladies and guys love me..they call me the freebie lady.. my grandmother always told me to do unto others as you want them to do unto you.. so I hope that everyone listens to my grandma and treat others as you want to be treated..all it takes is a smile :) happy clicking all and may you mailboxes be overrunning on monday!

  • By: gingerbread

    Great advise Rose-Your such a sweet Lady! :0)

  • By: rosewatson

    thanks ginger for the compliment..i have always tried to do right in my life and hopefully one day i will see my grandma and pa and tell them how they formed what i am today :)

  • By: babybarnplus

    I've been giving stuff to people for as long as I've been requesting freebies...

    Today I got:

    A full-size bar of soap from Bethesa - it's for cancer patients and I ordered it to give to my neighbor with breast cancer (it's suppose to help their skin by giving back nutrients after chemo b/c it contains SPF)

    Magazines (2 Forbes and the Newsweek Special Edition Inaugural Cover magazine)

    Another Rachael Ray dog food sample & coupon - gonna give to neighbor for his dog

  • By: lilwildfire

    i want to know does any a guest pass for a month on pogo thanks