List of Many Sports Fan Packs (Send Emails)

Many different sports teams will send you a free fan pack if you write to them via email and request one. I have already listed the ones you can request by filling out online forms or mail in your request to get one. Now, here is a list of various sports teams you can email:

Toronto Blue Jays -
Kansas City Royals -
Detroit Tigers -
Philadephia Phillies
Baltimore Orioles -
Pittsburgh Pirates -
Chicago White Sox -
Cleveland Indians -
Atlanta Braves -
Houston Astros -
Anaheim Angels -
Milwaukee Brewers -
Seattle Mariners -
Los Angeles Dodgers -
New York Mets -
Boston Red Sox -
Arizona Diamondbacks -
Cincinnati Reds -
Florida Marlins -
Carolina Hurricanes -
Dallas Stars -
Carolina Panthers -
Baltimore Ravens -
Philadelphia Eagles -
Houston Texans -
Arizona Cardinals -
Atlanta Falcons -
Harlem Globetrotters -
Miami Heat -
Minnesota Timberwolves -

*If anyone finds more, feel free to write them in the comments box. Have fun.

  • By: babybarnplus


    Copy and paste all the email addresses in your "To" part of your email. Seperate them by commas, then put "FAN PACK REQUEST" in the subject line. Then, write that you are requesting a fan pack and your mailing address in the body of your email. This took me 10 minutes to request EVERY SINGLE ONE of them for my husband.

  • By: Destiny4ME

    Great Tip Baby, I modified it a little bit and put the addys in the BCC: so as they would not see the others being sent as well. 2 bounced back as permanent errors; LA Dodgers (Remote host said: 550 No such user)and Houston Astros (553 sorry, your envelope recipient is in rejected. either it has been deactivated or does not exist)Good try though. May sift through their website and find something else. Thanks!

  • By: babybarnplus

    Your welcome. I thought about that later, that they may see the others behind your tip is much better. Had a few ask me to mail my request to their address and a few others say they are sending me a fan pack...

  • By: GARRETT101

    i got the Cleveland Indians yesterday, havent opened it yet. some sent me emails telling me to mail them a SASE andor money. dont have time for all that. i will do it for the Cowboys. they will send you autographs.

  • By: Garygrunt

    How do i go about getting free fan packs?

  • By: GARRETT101

    Just send an email to the email address listed above, some will send you an email back telling you to send a SASE or to send in a small fee.

  • By: babybarnplus

    cool, the orioles just wrote me back and they are sending me a fan pack with no hassles :)

  • By: babybarnplus

    eagles and canucks also wrote back and are sending me one...

  • By: shaylak


  • By: shaylak

  • By: lindseyfox

    if anyone knows if the green bay packers do a fan pack can u email me at with there thing please

  • By: janepp

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  • By: SoCalAutismDad

    does anyone have a email address or link to the Canucks fan pack request page?? i just cant find the info...THANK YOU

  • By: ColetonIshmael

    I will keep a checklist on who responds and will be willing to give a fan pack!

  • By: ColetonIshmael

    The Braves responded asking for addresses will not be shipped to Canada.