Unfortunately the "Off-Road Dirt Bike Stickers" offer is no longer available.

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Off-Road Dirt Bike Stickers - Expired Listing

Almost 15 years ago, Off-Road was started as a gathering for dirtbike nuts to talk with other crazies. A couple years later, they found the fanatics at 4x4Web. Since that fateful meeting, their website has grown steadily in staff, content, readers and advertisers, until it's reached the position where it has become the site for off road coverage that others can only aspire to.

Visit their website to request your free Off-Road stickers today.

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  • By: mamabear

    I really hope this comes, my 2yr old son loves cars trucks bikes, and stickers!! And, with christmas coming up, it would be a cool little stocking stuffer for him


    • By: tllndrs

      i got an email from them and they said

      Thank you for registering for Send Me Stickers on Off-Road.com. You will get one sticker from each of our participating sponsors. We mail stickers on the following schedule - July, September, December.It doesn't matter when you have signed up, you are guaranteed one sticker from each participating sponsor we have and we'll keep mailing you until you get them all!

      Thanks again for signing up. Your stickers are on the way!

      Off-Road.com Staff

      so let's hope you will get some for your son for his stocking stuffer