Unfortunately the "$500 Grocery Gift Card" offer is no longer available.

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$500 Grocery Gift Card - Expired Listing

Get a free $500 grocery gift card and save big on your cost of living. Good at all major grocery stores nationwide, including Safeway, Metro, and Loblaws.

When you draw up your monthly budget, it's hard to ignore the amount you spend on food. Even through you're getting great deals through in-store promotions and coupons, groceries still take a sizable chunk out of your monthly income. Unfortunately, many Canadians turn to less healthy alternatives that are more cost efficient, and get less nutritional value from their groceries.

With most Canadian individuals spending $200-$300 a month on groceries, a $500 gift card could pay for 2 months' worth of groceries. Eat healthier, as you'll be able to afford more fresh fruits, vegetables and dairy.

Participate in this special promotion from Rewards Centre through the link below, and you can buy all your favorite foods without spending a penny.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • Canada

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