Free Bag of Iams Cat or Dog Food Coupon

Iams provides four key food groups for your pet's needs. The antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids give your pet the balance it needs to stay healthy. Iams offers a 100% guarantee and is veterinarian recommended.

Visit their website and click on 'free bag' located at the top right side of the page. Your free bag coupon will be emailed to you. One per household.

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  • By: Sheesha

    Iams does painful, invasive live animal testing. BAN Iams and save a dog/cat from a life of pain and misery...PLEASE!

  • By: gingerbread

    I have never heard that before, where did you get that information?

  • By: Sheesha and The videos are very compelling.

  • By: gingerbread

    Thank you Sheesha! I really hope this was for Iams because I, and everyone I know will be in contact with them letting them know how unjust this is and how much business they will be loosing, I had no idea. Thank you so much for getting back to me.

  • By: PitLuvr

    That's horrible Iams is doing that and not to start an argument in a Comment Box but.. Peta does some pretty horrible things to.. I used to support them until I learned that they make more than ANY animal rights group, shelter, etc and yet they put all those millions of dollars to sickening adertisements instead of doing what needs to be done first, which is taking care of the animals. They put down thousands of animals each year that were perfectly healthy AND adoptable. They have a huge freezer in back where they keep all the bodies, and on top of all that want Pit Bulls to be permanently erased from the Earth. Say thats the only way to 'protect' them from their bad rep. Cause murder and extinction is always the right answer. At least..according to Peta. Have pets? They don't believe you shuld be allowed to. Say that all animals should be left wild, and don't 'believe' in having pets. Apparently caring for our Earth's creatures is wrong too.. Please don't support them.. And I'm sorry I resorted to posting a semi-unrelated topic in the comments, but I had to say it. Thanks for listening.<33

  • By: PitLuvr

    PS: I realize something i said could be mis-taken.. Wild animals should be left in the wild, yes (unless they are hurt and genuinely need human attention) but as for domestic animals which, yes ALL used to be wild at one time but now are not.. should not necessarily have remained wild. Humans have learned SO much from their 'pets'. Even murderers have turned their lives around due simply to the love / intelligence of a domestic dog. The sick / dying have been given encouragement, love and support from 'pets.' All I'm saying is Peta is sick.. Please make sure you know who you're standing behind, because if you don't watch out you just may end up with the sharp end of their sword at your pet's throat.

  • By: NYYanks2fan

    The link for a free bag is no longer there