Arm & Hammer 'Law & Odor' Coloring Book


Arm & Hammer Baking Soda has been a household name for generations.
And, now their new vacuum bags and filters neutralize odors from food, pets and other naturally occurring sources.

Visit their website and click on the coloring book to find out how to request a free coloring book for each of the children in your household.



  • By: babybarnplus

    Excellent post! Thank you, my children will love these :)


    • By: trav1sp

      these are the kind thinks i order to have it come in my daughter name... two birds one stone... (cause she goes to the mail box to get the mail)

      first she overly happy to even get mail

      sec. its a coloring book


  • By: pjp263

    I wold like 3 coloring books Pam phillips 241 mandy cir Sebring fl 33870