Ferrara Candy Class Action Settlement


If you purchased a cardboard box of Jujyfruits, Jujubes, Now & Later, Lemonhead, Applehead, Cherryhead, Grapehead, RedHots, Trolli, Chuckles, Black Forest, Jawbuster, Jawbreaker, Brach's, Boston Baked Beans, Super Bubble, Rainblo, or Atomic Fireball candy, in any flavor or variety, you can file a claim form online or by mail by following the link to receive a rebate check. Proof of purchase is not required. Deadline to file the claim is September 20, 2018.

With proof of purchase you can receive 50 cents per box for the total amount of boxes you purchased.

Without proof of purchase, you can receive 50 cents per box for up to 15 boxes, for a maximum of a $7.50 refund.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • United States


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