Free Random Coin from Akyor


AKYOR offers the most compact, professional metal detector on the earth.

They have a chest full of 1,000 US & international coins. Over 10% are valuable copper or silver coins including one ounce US silver eagle (.999 fine silver), Kennedy half dollar (40% silver), and Washington Quarters (90% silver).

Be one of the first 1,000 to complete the online form located at the bottom of their website and they'll mail out a random coin from their chest to you.

There are 10 treasure keys in the chest. Each key has an 86% discount coupon for one AKYOR product purchase.

If you live in the USA and are one of the first 1,000 you will definitely receive a coin. If you live outside the USA, they will ship your coin if the value of the coin is higher than its shipping cost. Otherwise, they will hold your coin for you; in the future if you purchase any AKYOR products, they will send your coin with it.


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