Unfortunately the "Join MySomfyLab Community for Homeowners" offer is no longer available.

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Join MySomfyLab Community for Homeowners

Join MySomfyLab, an online community dedicated to those who like to hear about and share ideas on how to make home more comfortable and safe using home automation services and devices. This community brings together homeowners you who want to invent the home of the future together.

Looking for household and/or flat owners who have at least one of the following equipment in their household: Retractable Awning, Sensors, Security system, Blinds, Exterior shade, Shades, Projection screen, Insect screen, Indoor or outdoor motion detectors, An indoor or outdoor camera, A connected doorbell, Electric lock, Home control system (Alexa, Google Home...), Entrance gate / Driveway gate, Garage door(s), Home automation system

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • United States

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