Free Mustard Seed Magnetic Tile Toys


Jen over at Mustard Seed Toys is giving away free magnetic tile toy sets and everyone wins! How you ask? Simply click through the link and enter your first name and email address. You'll be given a unique referral link. Share the link with your friends to receive entries. When you get the following amount of entries, you will receive the toy:

- A 20 piece set for everyone who gets 10 entries
- A fire truck set for 25 entries
- A 40 piece set for 40 entries
- A princess castle set for 55 entries
- An 88 piece set for everyone with 75 entries or more.

You get your first entry just for signing up. I invite all of you to share your referral links in the comments section of this posting and help each other out. Good luck!

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • United States


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