Free KnivesMaster's Knives & Soap


Knivesmasters' six knife lines are perfect for all cooks, from professional chefs to moms & dads in the kitchen. These high quality knives will turn food prep into an easy task.

Click to sign up for their pre-launch, then refer your friends to receive the following free products:

5 Friends = Free Stainless Steel Odor Removal Soap
10 Friends = Free Clever Knife
25 Friends = Free Women's Dream Stainless Steel Chef Knife (Valued at $49.95)
50 Friends = Free Men' Dream Stainless Steel Chef Knife (Valued at $69.95)

Help each other earn a freebie. Feel free to share your referral links within the comments section of this posting. Good luck!

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • United States


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