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Mothers Lounge and Shop Seven make a variety of practical, stylish items that are designed by moms, for moms. Their successful baby products include Milk Bands, Udder Covers, baby slings, the Carseat Canopy, and Nursing Pillow. Although they're always working on the next indispensable gift for mothers, Baby Leggings are their newest venture. Visit the Baby Leggings website to find leggings in bold and unique prints that will express your baby's individuality while keeping their precious legs safe and comfortable.

Although Baby Leggings come in many cute styles including the star-spangled All-American, the ranch-themed Cowboy, the cancan-inspired Dancing Queen, and fighter pilot appropriate General, they're also convenient, comfortable and functional. Like pants, they keep legs warm and protect babies' tender knees while they crawl, but unlike pants, they don't need to be removed to change diapers. Baby Leggings are easy to layer, can be mixed and matched, and deliver the cute factor in plenty of styles.

At $10 a pair, Baby Leggings make wonderful gifts and the perfect addition to a growing babycare arsenal. Enter the promo code ENBABY on their website for 5 free pairs of Baby Leggings. There is no subscription required and you'll only have to pay shipping to receive $50 worth of Baby Leggings.

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