Free Birthday Gifts!

Here is how you can get free gifts from merchants in your area for your birthday.

You can choose from five categories of interests, such as food, clothing, books, and choose an item from each, from there you will be able to find retailers in your area who are participating in the program.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • United States

  • By: stumpyale

    so far so good, we'll see how good this is when the gifts arrive

  • By: bebephanatic

    i love this freebie.. i just signed up for it and will be so estatic (not sure if i spelled that right) lol when its my bday and all these gifts come in the mail... i'm emailing this to all my family and friends... thank you for this freebie post =D

  • By: Sage12


  • By: galpal22 don't get gifts in the mail. You get gift certificates from local merchants.

  • By: wild41

    I received a gift certificate for a plasma 42 inch from Ball & Cristy furniture.Valued at 1900.00 what a gift.

  • By: galpal22

    oh, goodness, don't get me wrong, it's a wonderful prize, it's just that I live in a rural area, so they currently do not have any gift certificates to send. Congrats on the tv, that's awesome that you got that big of a perk without participation or anything. Isn't it wonderful when you get free things that you would have paid bundles of money for and, when you show off your freebie, everyone's like "oh my gosh! You musta paid a lot of money for that! Where did you get it?" Personally I find it's hilarious when I am showing off my recent steals to my friends and, when they ask when I got them, I just smile and say, "Oh, I've got my sources." It drives them =)

  • By: jera

    SCAM!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT GIVE OUT ANY INFORMATION!!!!!!!!!!! ESPECIALLY PHONE NUMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • By: jera

    terrible terrible terrible