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RecycleBank not only helps divert trash from landfills through increased recycling activities, but it also rewards members for recycling with RecycleBank Reward Points. Currently, their curbside members can earn 2.5 RecycleBank points for each pound of recyclable materials. There are so many rewards you can earn.

New online activities to receive free points include:

Simple Snappy Tips for Bathroom Recycling for 105 points
Earth Day Is Coming! Time to Refresh Your Plastics Knowledge for 40 points
Daily Pledge for 25 Points
Because You Asked: Can I Compost Biodegradable Plastic? for 5 points
The List: 6 Green Spring-Cleaning Swaps for 5 points
Because You Asked: How Can I Recycle Denim? for 5 points
Because You Asked: What To Do With Unwanted Coat Hangers? for 5 points
The List: One Green Things To Do Each Day of Earth Month for 5 points

They have added new One Twine items and magazines to redeem your points for. I just ordered a completely free (including free shipping) One Twine Utensils Set. I'll post a picture when it arrives.

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