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Dove Samples - Expired Listing

Dove is a cleansing bar and personal care brand (including hair care products) owned by Unilever. Dove is made from synthetic surfactants, as well as vegetable oil based soap ingredients, like Sodium Palm Kernelate. These synthetic surfactants are what give Dove mildness among cleansing bars. Would you like to try out some dove samples? Click on the link below to score $50 in free samples.

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  • By: happyseed

    The Dove sample is a lousey site that trys to sell you everything in the world before you get a sample. If you give a sample then give a sample and quit trying to get people to buy a ton of junk just to get the same. FAKE


  • By: angelming

    happyseed is right, these kind of site should be bam from here.


    • By: mcpaladin

      See the following post:

      in essence...
      "Some of the offers we list may have terms and conditions such as entering a credit card for a trial, a small shipping and handling free or purchasing something else to get the free item from their site. Some people really enjoy these types freebies as they are a great way to samples some products and also get free items, So we will continue to allow them to be posted to the site."

      "When offers that have special terms and conditions are posted we do our best to make it clear. If you read the posting you will see that these offers are marked with words like "Participate in special offers"... “This item cost $4.95 for shipping and handling”… "Complete the survey and purchase"... "purchase products of interest" ... and so on...."

      "Currently registered users who have contributed 20 Approved New Free Items to our site, will have highlighting of S&H and "Participation Required" type offers. Users that contribute to the site enjoy features such as this, and many more."