Home Tester Club - Free Faucet, Showerhead, Bathtub or Toilet

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Help lead change and guide the way companies make positive improvements to products. Share honestly, openly, and often, because designers, builders, service providers, and innovators will be using your ideas to develop new products, build market awareness, promote branding, measure customer satisfaction, and test product usability.

The Home Tester Club is the world's biggest grocery-product testing, reviewing, and sharing community. Recent free testing products sent to members have included Oster, Woolite, Finesse, Kleenex, GoodNites and more. Once they test the products, they review them so that consumers can read honest reviews by verified "real" people. In addition to opportunities to test, members can win products by learning about how products can help them live a healthier, more comfortable lifestyle, more conveniently. Visit their Recipe Watch section to see what other members are whipping up at home that may be a good fit for your family and add your own ideas, too.

Get selected to test new products, receive coupons, and more as a member of the Home Tester Club. You can't be selected to test if you're not a member so sign up now to get your free product samples. Currently sampling: faucets, showerheads, bathtub or a toilet. Apply now.

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