Free Purina Cat Food Scoop, Bowl or Coasters

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Cat Chow Perks wants to reward you for all the ways you're sharing a better life with your cat. Join their community of Cat People today and start earning points for taking part. Then use those points to get great swag for your cat or yourself.

You can earn the following points right now. They'll be immediately added to your account.

Sign up = 10,010 points
Share feedback/answer question = 800 points
Add cat's name = 100 points
Add mailing address = 100 points
Share thoughts about program = 250 points
Add cat's birthday = 100 points
Add total cat's in household = 100 points
Learn about Naturals Original = 25 points
Watch Naturals Video = 50 points
Learn about cat dandruff = 5 points
Learn about healthy cat weight = 5 points
Add phone number = 100 points
Connect to Facebook = 500 points
Connect to Twitter = 500 points
Enter UPC: 17800-14500 ~ Mfg. Code 1: 32281084 ~ Mfg. Code 2: 0800L02 = 1,000 points
Enter UPC : 17800-15604 ~ Mfg. Code 1: 33361085 ~ Mfg. Code 2: 2055L08 = 4,500 points

The following items can be redeemed for the lowest amount of points in their rewards catalog:

Free Food Scoop = 21,000 points
Free Scoop It Bowl = 15,000 points
Free Purina Cat Chow Naturals Coasters = 13,000 points

Plus, invite friends for 100 points per friend that signs up for Cat Chow Perks.

I did all of the above activities and had enough points to order the Scoop It Bowl for free. It's on sale for 15,000 points for a limited time only. It was 30,000 points. I'll post a picture when it arrives in the mail. What will you choose for free?

Note: Be sure to use a legit email address. You'll need to click to confirm your account to be able to redeem for a free item.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • United States

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