Unfortunately the "LashSerum+ 14-Day Trial (S&H)" offer is no longer available.

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LashSerum+ 14-Day Trial (S&H)

Get amazing lashes with LashSerum+. This Hollywood secret can promote longer, stronger, rejuvenated lashes. It's advanced formula is an all natural plant seed oil serum. LashSerum+ is an innovative, nature packed serum which has been made from a combination of natural herbs and oils to give yoru eyelashes a new look.

Ageing lash hair can start to get brittle and consequently refuse to curl (lashes). Think of the softness of a baby's lash hair. Bathing lash hair in nutrient rich oil will restore moisture and rejuvenate hair. You will feel the effects immediately. Soften lashes in the evening with our LashSerum+ Serum.

Visit their website to get a free 14-day trial and pay just $7.95 for shipping.

After delivery of your initial order you will have 14 days to try the product & determine the benefits. 14 days after you receive your product, your credit card will be automatically charged the full retail price of $149.95. This will happen 14 days after you receive your order. You must call during the 14 day trial period to not be billed the full retail amount. If for some reason you forgot or were too busy to try our amazing product all you have to do is call Customer Service and tell them that and they will be glad to extend your "Try it before you buy it" offer for another 2 weeks.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • United States

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