Free History Explorers Book for Ages 11-13 (S&H)


World Books combine facts and fiction to make reading and learning fun. World Books are also designed for different age groups so that children are reading at their level and can understand the factual content of each topic. Once kids get older, the books grow with them so that they can read on their own.

Designed exclusively for children in grades 6 to 8, the World Book Expert History Explorers program. Through rich photography and in-depth exploration of the materials, students will learn about history in a way that's engaging and is also compatible with state and provincial learning standards. Topics include the lost city of Atlantis, the legend of King Arthur, and the mysteries of Stonehenge. By choosing topics that are beloved by scholars, World Book treats young minds as if they're full of potential and capable of great imagination.

Valued at $12.50, World Explorers wants to send you one of their New Explorers books for only the cost of shipping. Return the book within a month, at their expense, if your 11 to 13-year-old one isn't having fun learning about the world with their fantastic publication. Continue receiving two books a month if you've ignited a real passion for learning in your little one. Get your free book from World Books New Explorers now for only the $1 cost of shipping and handling.

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