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Free Haribo Candy Bags from Vaniki

Vaniki is America's best-loved rewards community, doling out free gift cards for electronics, entertainment, groceries, and more. Simply register as a free member with Vaniki and you'll be entered to win free candy as sweet as their savings.

It was 1920 when German confectionery worker Hans Riegel started his own sweets company at home. Named Haribo, an acronym for Riegel and his hometown of Bonn, the company's breakthrough came with the production of a gelatin-based treat shaped like bears. Although Riegel didn't invent gummy candy, he was the first to popularize the use of gelatin and color and shape them in such a memorable way.

Although Haribo was founded over 90 years ago, they've only been in the United States since 1982. Since then, they've become the #1 selling gummi bear and have launched a full line of products including everything from Happy Cola to Sour S'ghetti. From sour to sweet, there's something for everyone.

Vaniki has hundreds of bags of candy earmarked for sending out to new registrants. They provide big savings to their members as well as chances to win amazing prizes for free. Enter now for your chance to win free Gold-Bears, Sour Gold-Bears, Happy Colas, Twin, Cherries, Peaches, Sour S'ghetti, Raspberries, Smurfs, Frogs and Rattle-Snakes from Haribo.

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