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Post a Review to Win a $25 Marshalls/Winners Gift Card

Beyond advertising on television, in print, on billboards, on the radio and even through product placement, word-of-mouth is not only a highly effective method of achieving brand recognition, but also very cost-effective. According to Forbes, personal recommendations are the #1 driver of consumer decisions regarding purchases. With most consumers online, social media is a fast and effective way to get the word out about a product and drive purchases.

At ChickAdvisor, they have 8 years of experience in helping companies reach female consumers with new products. Through their online platform, advertisers can choose their desired demographics and engage the consumers they know will love their product. As a member, you get to test products for free and simply write an honest review in exchange.

Mabel's Labels features bag tags, stickers, safety products, household labels, and other tools that moms need to maintain order in the chaos. This year, they're offering ChickAdvisor members a selection of back to school combos for different age ranges. They contain UV resistant, waterproof labels and personalized tags that are designed to withstand the wear and tear of school and after-school activities. Your students will return with their clothes, shoes, pencil bags, lunch bags, backpacks and anything else you label with tales of what they learned that day and which new friends they've made.

Get a free chance to win 1 of 25 $25 Marshalls or Winners gift cards when you review a Featured Product. You probably already have one of their featured skin care, hair care, or body care items in your home and you'll receive 200 bonus points for your posting. The promotional period runs through October 31st, after which users will be contacted by email and invited to activate a $25 e-gift card valid Winners and Marshalls.

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