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Better Odds & No Deposit at FantasyDraft

In fantasy sports leagues, you "draft" or auction an imaginary team composed of real-life players from major league teams. You then score points based on their actual performance in real games, such as successful plays. At the end of the season, the fantasy team with the most accrued points is deemed the winner. Invented by a football team owner during a road trip, over 35 million people play Fantasy Football worldwide, with millions more creating hockey, basketball, and baseball teams.

Fantasy leagues are commonly made up of groups of students, co-workers, alumni, and sports teams. Creating a team at the beginning of the season, the game usually ends at the end of the real season. Introducing FantasyDraft, the daily fantasy draft league that puts players first. Instead of committing to an entire season, players can choose teams from among the athletes playing that one day and find out if they win or lose by the end of the day, with some contests lasting as long as one week. FantasyDraft makes it easy to play, with the ability to build your team in under 30 seconds.

What sets FantasyDraft apart from other daily leagues is that they make getting in the game cheaper and the chances of winning better. A minimum of 25% of players win in their guaranteed contests, entry fees are lower, lineups are more flexible, and you earn more cash by referring your friends to play, too.

Add some excitement to your football, hockey, basketball, golf, and baseball experience with free play at FantasyDraft. Win cash by building your NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL or PGA team now. It's free to register, there's no deposit required, and it's cheaper to play at FantasyDraft.

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