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Halloween is a time to act like a kid, become someone (or something ) else than your regular self, and take a big cheat day. Lifescript Advantage is a program designed to promote healthy living for men and women. Membership is free and comes with exclusive privileges like free samples, coupons, and tips for a top notch lifestyle. Sign up now for free treats that will help you have a tasty and frugal Halloween.

Traditionally celebrated on the 31st of October, the skeleton, witch and pumpkin decorations tend to emerge in early October, making one of the most popular holidays last all month. While kids and adults love the excuse to dress up, dentists and dieters everywhere dread the upcoming onslaught of candy, chocolate, and chips. Many parents claim "first dibs" on their favorite candies from their children's trick or treat bags as a little reward for all of their work on their costumes. Consumers are predicted to spend $2.2 billion on candy this year, with no word on how much of that will be devoured before the Trick or Treaters arrive.

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