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As the North American population continues to diversify, advertising and marketing professionals are charged with better understanding the trends affecting their clients and customers, products, and services. By conducting market research, companies can make sure that their research, development, and advertising dollars are well spent. Receiving input on brand image, current products, and service quality will let companies know that they're meeting the needs and satisfying the desires of their customers.

LiveSample provides market research companies with vital information; your participation helps companies make better products and improve services. They have surveys on a variety of topics - some that will even give you free samples to try. Topics include the way they see specific brands, which product benefits concern them most, their experience of various services, and how your shopping is influenced by all of these things. Start by building a profile to differentiate you from other panel members by sex, age, etc. By answering a short minute survey, you help them identify which surveys will interest you and whether you fit into the target group needed for specific market research studies. For each survey you complete, you'll receive free rewards for your time.

Companies rely on accurate and thoughtful responses to all questions to insure the integrity of the marketing research process. With your honest input, companies will be able to innovate and deliver the products and services you want. Each survey is voluntary, and the information you provide is kept confidential.

Help companies make better products and provide better services and get rewarded. Sign up to LiveSample and you can take a relevant survey right away.

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