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Free with Sanex Natur Protect Roll-On Deodorant

Sanex is committed to keeping your skin healthy. Their products really get under the surface, actively working with the skin's natural processes to help them work at their healthy best. Their antiperspirant range with active bioresponse works against odor causing bacteria whilst respecting your skin's natural bacteria. Sanex partners with other skin care experts to ensure that the most advanced thinking is applied to their products. In fact, all of their products are approved by dermatologists.

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500 Toluna members will be selected from all applicants to sample a new deodorant roll from Sanex. It respects the natural balance of bacteria in your underarm area that keeps it protected and healthy, targeting only the odor-causing bacteria. Stay healthy and odor-free with Sanex Natur Protect roll-on deodorant. Apply now to be selected to test this product for free.

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