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Every day, your skin is fighting a war against the free radicals attacking skin. Sitting under fluorescent lights, exposure to UV rays, drinking impure water, and damage from sand and wind are all causing skin to lose moisture and age prematurely.

At Rescue, they believe that skin doesn't have to age. Their products contain a collagen-boosting ingredient, MDFC19, that comes from the latest stem-cell technology. One of the proteins responsible for skin's ability to retain moisture and elasticity, infusing skin with collagen increases its ability to resist developing wrinkles. Rescue products are made in California and contain no BPAs, parabens, or sulfates. The fragrance-free products are designed to be used starting at a young age in order to support younger-looking skin in the future.

What's really appealing to consumers about Rescue is their single-serve mobile packet. Customers in their 20s are packing them for flights home, long study sessions, and weekends at festivals. Beauty editors keep them at their desks, busy moms wipe them on their brows after yoga, and men and women exhausted by the workweek are applying them after a long day of business travel.

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