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Free Essie Nail Polish

Best known for their affordable and chic nail color, the Essie brand was launched in 1981 with unconventional colors including Blanc, Bordeaux, and Baby's Breath. Today, Essie's line includes top coats, base coats, cuticle care and treatments and the newest in rhinestone and applique nail art.

Available in over 100 shades from subtle to sexy, Essie's repertoire expands every season while still offering the classics. Brilliant colors inspired by Brazil populate their spring 2013 collection while winter hues often include sparkles and jewel tones. Whatever your style, they have a lacquer that will equip you for tapping the keys at the office and add pizzazz for a night on the town.

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  • By: Alv Ya

    I have a nice nails which I like to give them color every day according to the occasion or the mood in which I am. I have problems with other enamel since last me what are hours. fast enamel pieces out . so I want to try this enamel.


    • By: amye

      I've always wondered how people who wore painted nails kept them chip-free. Now you're telling me you have to paint them every day and they STILL chip!? I'll stick to my toes! Curious to see which colors Essie will send