Free $10 Pharmacy Credit & Lowest Prices on Prescriptions


As the cost of healthcare rises, so does the need for innovative ways to save. Every year, the typical American fills 12 prescriptions at an average retail price of $71 each. Fight the recession and rising healthcare costs by saving up to 95% with Blink Health.

In America, prescription drugs cost too much. Up to 45% of Americans have trouble paying for the prescriptions they require, and 26% of Americans simply don't fill prescriptions because they simply can't afford it. The #1 reason that Americans don't take their medications as prescribed is the cost.

There's a huge discrepancy between what pharmacies are charging for prescription medications. For example, generic Lipitor costs $150 at one major pharmacy chain but the exact same medication is free at a pharmacy across the street. Most major pharmacies don't list the price of the drugs they sell and until they reach the cash, most consumers don't know how much of that total their insurers will cover.

At Blink Health, they list the prices that were previously only visible to insurers so that consumers can get the very best prices on their drugs. Previously mentioned Lipitor can be purchased on Blink Health for less than $10, as well as other popular medications.

Tens of thousands of people are already saving on generic drugs, which account for 90% of drug prescriptions dispensed in the United States, with Blink Health. All you need to do to join them is to search for your prescription, pay online or through the app, and then pick up your drugs at the pharmacy with the lowest price such as Walgreens, Target, Safeway, Rite Aid, CVS, and Kroger. Register today and receive a free $10 credit to your account.

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