Earn Free Rewards for Using Your Fitness Apps


At Evidation Health, they're striving to equip healthcare providers and purchasers with better data for better choices and more affordable spending. AchieveMint is their new endeavor that aims to help companies better understand which products and services work best for everyone.

AchieveMint has gathered 250,000 members who are sharing their journey towards healthier living in order to improve the tools available. There are over 103,000 active app connections on their platform and over 25 million activities synced.

You can be a part of the AchieveMint mission and get rewarded for connecting them with your health and fitness app experiences. They list over 25 apps that you want to try or already use for working out, counting steps, dieting, and counting calories. They'll use your data to give you special insights into being healthier and more active. The more you use the apps, the more you get rewarded. Register now for free with AchieveMint and get paid for the work you're doing for your health.

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  • United States


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