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50% off a $45 Sam's Club Membership

Many consumers still think of warehouse stores as selling only large quantities of items that most families couldn't possibly use before they expire or even have room for. However, times have changed, and warehouse stores like Sam's Club stock smaller packages of items, designer apparel, and merchandise from Apple, Sony, and Bose. The main focus is still on saving money, but they've expanded their Sam's Club brand, Members Mark, to include foods that are fair trade and organic. Members can also buy wine from the Members Mark brand, which offers 400+ products at half the cost of leading national brands.

Other Sam's Club amenities include fuel stations, pharmacies, and optical centers. Sam's Club is now offering additional value by saving you time with Club Pick-Up. Simply select the staple items you need and the splurges you feel good about to your list and they'll have it ready for you at the store. They'll even load your groceries into your car for you.

Stock up on household items, food, apparel, electronics and more for less with a Sam's Club membership. From now until September 16th, 2016, get a one-year Sam's Club membership regularly priced at $45 for only $22.50.

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