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Free Prizes for Everyone from Mobil 1

In 1866, physician John Ellis turned his medical interest in the healing potential of crude oil to its use as a lubricant for machines. Once he figured out how to mix an oil that was effective at a high temperature, he made the world's first motor oil, greasing the wheels of the nation's steam engines. In the early 1960s, Mobilgrease was developed to keep planes secure during cold landings. Mobil synthetic oil, the world's first globally available fully synthetic automotive motor oil, was used on the engines performing oil drilling on the cold Alaskan North Slope.

As America grew, so did its automobile market, eventually spawning professional auto racing. The Mobil 1 brand sponsored its first Formula One racing team in 1978 and their relationship with Formula 1 has become a proud tradition spawning numerous wins.

Motor 1 is sponsoring a giveaway from the DIY Garage that encourages visitors to learn more about the automotive world. Take a quiz of your choice and you'll be invited to select a free prize. Choose from a Mobil 1 hat, a die cast race car, or 20% off an SCAA membership.

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