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Small Pet Select is a family owned business that is dedicated to providing highest quality timothy hay and pellets found anywhere.

Small Pet Select was started because they thought they could provide small animal owners with better quality hay products than what was being sold in the pet stores. They thought this was worth doing because they knew that when it comes to small animals and their hay, quality really is important. If you give a rabbit or guinea pig poor quality hay, they will most likely pick through it and waste most of it. And because they aren't eating hay…they are now at risk for all sorts of digestive and dental issues.

On the other hand, if you give them higher quality hay, that same animal will most likely enjoy eating it and may even beg you for more! The end result of feeding better quality hay is a happier, healthier pet…one that is much less likely to have to visit the veterinarian or end up dying unnecessarily because they never got in the habit of eating hay on a consistent basis.

That's the reason Small Pet Select thinks it's so important to find the highest quality hay available and ship it direct to their customers door…because it can really make a huge difference in the life of the animals.

For a limited time only, get a Small Pet Select 12oz 2nd Cutting Timothy Hay for only $1 + Free Shipping. Limited quantity available. Simply follow the link and enter your email address to generate your code. Add item to your cart on Amazon and checkout using your promo code. Shipping is free and you don't have to be a Prime member. Total will be only $1. If you like this offer, please consider joining Small Pet Select - Small Pet Rewards through my link to earn free credit. Here's how it works:

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